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Barbara A. Palmer APRN-C

I was raised in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio, the second of four siblings, by my mother who was our sole provider.  A belief that I embraced from my mom daily was, “You must work ten times harder than the next person in order to make it in life. " 

My sophomore year at Baldwin Wallace College, I withdrew from college, got married and relocated to California.  Marriage and motherhood of a beautiful daughter and then later becoming a divorcee intensified my single parenting challenges.  Nonetheless, I returned to college to complete my degree.  One of my favorite bible verses Philippians 4:13. During that time, I worked several jobs including, nursing home, hospitals and city governments.  I even completed two years of Army ROTC which also helped to pay my tuition.  I also completed basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where former Secretary of State Colin Powell, was a surprise guest at my graduation. 

After completing my B.S. in Biology 1992 at Cleveland State University, I conducted research with my immunology professor and mentor, Dr. Tobili Sam-Yellowe on Malaria.

Subsequently, 1993, I was employed as a pharmaceutical sales representative. I spent more than 15 years learning and educating health care professionals of the pharmaceuticals in the treatment of such conditions as: depression, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, diabetes and many more. This experience proved to be pivotal to the foundation of my medical career.

In the beginning of 2004, I furthered my education and obtained the following degree’s at Cleveland State University:

  • M.S. in Biology 2004.

  • B.S.N. in Nursing 2011.

  • M.S.N Family Medicine South University of Tampa 2017. 

​In my spare time, I enjoy reading professional journals, gardening and volunteering in the community.  I know that my compassion and belief in God, along with my determination to provide excellent care will allow me to be your best patients’ advocate and provider. 

I welcome you to join me in this exponential growth of continuing my beliefs of treating others like family, while providing excellent quality care to achieve the best patients' outcomes possible.  Please schedule your first Telehealth visit with Palmer’s Quality Family Clinic LLC today!

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Palmer's Quality Family Clinic, LLC  

                                                                                                                Value Statement:

We are committed to promoting excellent top-notch service.

We take pride in promoting and acknowledging the importance of excellent customer service.

We develop goals to achieve safe and convenient care.

We consistently seek to improve care by staying informed with the latest and up to date guidelines and practices.

We embrace transparency, integrity, confidentiality and respect while earning patients trust.

We demonstrate through our actions the commitment to provide compassionate care to all patients, family members and caregivers.

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